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What is a Copywriter?

On average, you’ll see it, hear it and read it around 250 times a day.

Yet, copy and the world of copywriting remains a mystery to most.

If you’re in the dark about what a copywriter does and is, keep reading. Because whatever business you’re in, you need a copywriter. And here’s why...

Whether you're a multinational megacorporation or a mobile hairdresser, your website and marketing adverts have 11 seconds to make a powerful impression on your prospective client. Just 11 seconds before your visitor forms an opinion, clicks away and goes to your competitor.

Words are how you persuade your clients to use your service and buy your product.

Marketing content and copy are how you instil confidence as an industry expert, the person to do business with. The trusted and reliable problem solver.

To make a sale, it is vital to understand your audience and hold their attention. Tell them about you and sell yourself to them. It’s all in the writing.

Because a whopping 27,000 pieces of content are shared each day, communication is more than window dressing for your business. Quality written content is the glue that sticks the fabric of your organisation together.

And writing the right words to sell yourself, is surprisingly hard.

  • Copy’ is the term used to describe the written sales wording on your website, your adverts, your newsletters, press releases, your emails and much more.

  • A ‘copywriter’ is the unsung hero behind marketing adverts, content, emails, radio jingles, tweets and taglines.

Copywriters research your business and compose clear, carefully well written words for you. Hiring a copywriter to handle all of your written content will mean the difference between you making or breaking your sale.

Is your pen mightier than your sword?

You can hold a pen and you can write. You may even enjoy the creativity behind composing your own copy. But how much thought do you invest into your website words, your Facebook status, your adverts and blogs?

Ask yourself…

1. Can you write for your audience?

2. Can you write to sell?

If you’re not sure, read on.

How you Word your Words and Why it Matters...

Your clients don’t want to read about your *bespoke fitted roller blinds, or why Mary and Sue are passionate about the cupcakes that they sell. Your clients want to know:

  • What’s in it for them?

  • What will you do for them?

  • How will you solve their ‘problem’?

This is where a marketing copywriter hits the sweet spot. By researching and understanding the demographics and psychographics of your prospective clients, a copywriter seamlessly answers these questions and persuades your prospects to buy. From you.

“A new study has revealed that 59% of Britons would not use a company that had obvious grammatical or spelling mistakes on its website or marketing material.” Source: RealBusiness

No one is going to share your content and your business name, if it reads badly, is dull or contains grammatical errors.

Equally, no one is actually going to see your content if you don’t use keywords and SEO. Search Engine Optimisation - learn more about scary SEO later.

And if no one will share your content and no one will see your content, what's the point?

When it comes to writing about your business and before you pick any old words, string them together and slap them down in 140 characters or less, consider this...

Running, managing or operating any business is overwhelming. It is more than doing the one job that you set out to do. The amount of social media updating, press releases, blogging, newsletters, written marketing material and emails that you need to maintain, leave you longing to lie down in a dark room. The effort required is a separate business in itself.

That’s where a freelance copywriter comes in.

You can STOP now. Stop sweating over a hot keyboard. Free your time and make more sales.

Hire a copywriter to take away your pain. Copywriter services include researching and writing your copy, whatever business you're in and however small or large your project is.

Freelance copywriters often work remotely, so you don't even have to schedule time for face to face meetings.

Great, effective and persuasive copy:

1. Outlines your F.A.B - Features and benefits of your product or service, to get you your sale.

2. Is written in the tone for your specific audience and purpose, so your reader WILL want to do business with you.

3. Pre-empts and answers potential questions, instilling trust in your prospects.

4. Adds SEO, keywords and long tail to your copy, so Google will reward you with higher rankings. You will rank far higher than your competition.

Years of training, experience and tried and tested methods are brought into cleverly composed words.

Your website visitors will hang around, your advertisements will get the right results, your blogs are shared, your newsletters are read and your call to actions are called.

From writing brochures, eBooks, TV and radio commercials to writing a newsletter, blog or updating your Facebook status, a copywriter is never lost for words.

Whatever business you’re in, you need a copywriter. Use a qualified, professional and freelance copywriter and you can’t fail. More importantly, your words can’t fail you either.

*Bespoke. If you’re using that word, we definitely need to talk.

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