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What is SEO?

If you’re a business owner, cowering in the corner from a world full of SEO jabber, it’s safe to come out now.

Minus the jargon, you will learn what SEO is, and more importantly how it affects you.

SEO is the phrase or acronym used for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’.

If you are writing your own website content and copy, it is vital that you understand how search engine optimisation works and how SEO is incorporated into your website because:

1. Search Engine Optimisation increases your visitor traffic

2. SEO will increase your visitor's trust in you

3. Users are more likely to promote you on social media, thus creating a circle of SEO

4. SEO sets you above your competition

When you type, or speak a word or phrase into a search engine such as, Google, Bing or Yahoo, it’s the job of that search engine to bring you the most relevant and accurate result for your search.

The search engine results that I am referring to are the free, organic search results that appear on your search engine results pages (SERPS). These are the unsponsored, natural search results as opposed to paid adverts, such as Pay Per Click (PPC). Example below.

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79% of search engine users say they always/frequently click on the natural search results. Source: Web Conceptions

Because Google want to get it right and bring users the most relevant answers, they crawl websites on the internet and favour well written, popular and authoritative copy. Google search out sites that are packed full of content that is appropriate to a user’s search.

Google like well written websites as they give the most relevant answers for their consumers. These websites are rewarded with higher rankings on the search engine results pages.

Google also look for:

  • Relevant words within your content - the use of keyword density, location based keywords and long-tail (phrases)

  • Well formed meta descriptions

  • Website structure and ease of use

  • Optimisation for both mobile and desktop sites

  • The speed of your website

  • Number and quality of back-links, outbound links and internal links

  • The amount of time that a visitor spends on your site

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO can be applied to the content or copy on a website by the owner or by an SEO copywriter.

SEO rich copy optimises the chances of search engines finding your site and rewarding you with higher organic rankings on your SERPS.

An SEO copywriter will research your keywords, including the long-tail SEO that is relevant to your business and content subject. This SEO is incorporated naturally into your written content or copy, so that it reads well and gives you the sought after and delicious Google juice!

SEO Copywriters will also consider your keyword density, because stuffing too many into your copy can have the reverse effect.

Although applying SEO is vital, there is a fine line between using search engine optimisation well and overusing it.

When it comes to using SEO, there is no magic wand, or one size fits all. You need to be aware that Google rewards natural SEO content, whereas overuse and abuse is penalised and can even result in your website being banned.

What do you think about SEO? Leave your comment below or if you need help using SEO in your copywriting contact me

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