• Tara | Composing Copy

5 Reasons Why You Need a Copywriter

If you’re running a business, you need a copywriter. And it doesn’t matter what business it is that you’re running either.

The reasons why you need a copywriter? If you don’t tell people about your product or your service, they won’t know you’re there. And if they don’t know you’re there…you don’t have a business.

Years ago, a business would rely on word of mouth, or the telephone directory and the local newspaper to spread the word. And although copywriting isn’t a new phenomenon, I cannot imagine that a small business owner in the 1970’s would have asked themselves, “Why they need a copywriter?”

The same principles of advertising apply nowadays, except we have evolved towards a far more sophisticated copywriting and marketing philosophy. The world is awash with hippy marketers, edgy designers and cool branding experts.

Knowing where to go and what to do next to promote yourself, is overwhelming.

Andy Warhol once said, “In the future, everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes." (Although it is disputed, if indeed Andy Warhol did actually say this), but it really doesn’t matter. Because someone said it. And whoever did, was spot on.

One thing we all understand, is the importance of content, copywriting and communication in our advertising. It has never been easier to advertise and self-promote in the wonderful world of the Wide Web.

Although the actual act of self-promotion has never been easier, in some ways it is harder. We are all competing against an influx of dotcoms, struggling to keep up with technology, not to mention the must-have apps that promise to make our lives easier and smartphones...that are not quite as smart as they pretend.

One thing that hasn’t changed in a world that never stays the same are, WORDS.

Sure, new words become a part of our vocabulary and word trends come and go, but the fundamental point of words, composing and crafting them, remains the same.

Online content and copy is key. We all know that.

In order to stay up to date, keep Google happy and give our prospects what they want…we need to serve up and feed lashings of content. Regularly too. Our demand to read it and provide it, is insatiable.

Oh, and we want quality copy and content too. Sloppy, amateur copywriting with poor grammar doesn’t make us want to turn the page, any more than it makes us want to buy.

As the business owner, you’re busy running a business. Now you have to write regular blogs, ads, website pages, newsletters and emails too?

Where to start?

Sure, your copywriting may be passable and you may enjoy getting creative with Microsoft Word.

But that’s the problem. It isn’t all about you.

Or your passion and your commitment and your, “Bespoke” fitted wardrobes.

Your prospects do not want to read about, how you trained for 3 years to become a plumber or how you enjoy making their car clean.

Your prospects are a selfish lot.

All they want to know is, “What’s in it for me?”

You pay an electrician to fit your lights, an accountant to prepare your tax return, you pay a website designer to make you a beautiful website, you pay a mechanic to fix your car. The moral of the story?

When it comes to writing for your business and unless you’re a trained, professional copywriter, put your pen down.

Hire a freelance copywriter. Because writing your words, is far more than just ‘writing your words’.

You’re writing to sell. You’re writing to get your message across, promote your business and sell your product or service.

Any old words will not do. Structure and carefully planned psychology for salesmanship is the craft of any copywriter. It’s years in the making, well thought out and designed to achieve your goals.

It’s copywriting and here are 5 reasons why you need a copywriter.

1. Time and money

Your time is precious. Being a busy entrepreneur, you have a million and one things to do. Your to do list never ends. In today’s world where communication is king, you understand that unless you shout about your business regularly, no one hears. But it isn’t enough to shout about it, by slapping any old words on the screen and clicking publish. Use a copywriter. Their words will make you more money by turning your copy into your sales. Giving you time to do what you do best.

2. Google will love you

A copywriter doesn’t just write what sounds good, looks nice and what fits well on the page. A copywriter will also research and include your keywords and long-tail, to maximise your online SEO. This means that Google will love you. And if Google loves you, you’re a superstar. Everyone wants to be number one. A copywriter will inject you with Google juice and power you to the top.

If you don’t know what SEO is and you’re writing your own copy and content, then we need to talk.

3. Research

Yep. You know your business better than anyone else in the whole world. Why? Because it’s yours.

You know your clients, your prospects and your competition. You understand your product and your service and you follow latest industry news.

That’s what wakes you up at 3am. So, who better to write your words than you? Right?


Writing to sell is err, writing to sell. Whether I’m writing to sell linen curtains, a reconditioned internal combustion engine to lawnmower manufacturers or a high school prospectus. It is all sales and the same copywriting principles apply.

A copywriter will research and dig deep. They will read your literature and that of your competitors. They will even better your current information, critique or proofread it, if that’s what you prefer.

Being so involved in your business makes it hard for you to write objective and fresh content. You’re too close to your subject and a fresh pair of eyes with new ideas and new angles, makes a huge difference.

A copywriter will assess what the purpose of your advertising is and what you want to achieve from it. They will write to tell your story and they will write for results.

4. Amateur Dramatics

Any text that is littered with grammatical errors and wrong tenses is difficult to read and hard to understand.

Even the smallest mistakes can look amateurish. And no one wants to do business with an amateur.

A copywriter will add a natural shine and polish to your words.

Even a well-seasoned grammar nerd won’t understand the importance of avoiding weasel words and using the active tense in copy.

Copywriters use emotive language that sells. They also avoid too many adjectives.