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Hello! I’m Tara. 

Proud founder of Composing Copy LLP, I’m an award-winning writer and freelance copywriter, specialising in website, advertising and marketing copy.


A qualified editor, proofreader and technical writer to boot, I help all types of businesses and people to promote their ideas, educate their audiences and sell their goods, products and services through the written word.


For good measure, I also collaborate with a network of branding, PR, communications and IT experts too.

Leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of perfection, I also write for local and international press. 


I collaborate with you to pinpoint exactly what you want your copy to achieve.


From here, I tightly weave it together to compose the words that bring YOU results.


A qualified, experienced and award-winning copywriter, I write words that SELL.


For all shapes, sizes and variations of business and people. Businesses and people just like you. ​


We’ve all read content that waffles and tells its reader nothing. 


Can you honestly say that your copy and content raise your SEO rankings and makes your sales?


Your most vital sales tool, great copy reinforces your professionalism and combines irresistible selling psychology. 

Allow me to guide you AND give you all the copy confidence you need. 

I’m good at what I do.

​I could give you an introduction to the fascinating practice and psychology of copywriting. BUT, I'll spare you my passion and instead, talk about how it’s relevant to YOU.


After years of intuitive copywriting for nonprofits, I discovered that there are millions of people across the globe, working for and with, people like you.


Nothing sensational here. Except, these people hold positions in administration, marketing and accounts. And yet, alongside their day jobs, these people write your business copy. Let’s be clear. These people aren't copywriters. They're probably good at English and have a great grasp of grammar. But can they write to sell?


Determined to liberate every business from writing their own copy AND free them from amateur mistakes, I made an honest copywriter of myself. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to train in Copywriting, under acclaimed business author and writer, Kit SadgroveI graduated in London with the highest possible grade: Distinction. 


In a one-woman attempt to save the word, I went on to set up my own copywriting business, Composing Copy LLP.​ A lifelong love affair with the written word, I write words that SELL, for all shapes, sizes and variations of business and people.


Businesses and people just like you. ​


Recent Articles

I write and submit advertorials, editorials, press releases and news articles on behalf of countless sectors and brands.

These are distributed to all types of  high-profile news sites and publications.


My Clients 

Working alone or as an extension to your in-house team, my clients embody a full range of sectors. 


 Proud to form successful and lasting working relationships, 

I make it my business to instinctively understand, thoroughly research
and deliver on your needs.    

Contact Me

My office is based in London, UK.

I work online with clients around the world. 

Get in touch today.

Thanks for submitting!

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