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History of Copywriting 

The term copy refers to the written content used for promoting products and services in advertising and marketing. A copywriter is the professional responsible for creating such content and this is called, copywriting.


An art form, practised as a skilled profession for centuries, one of the earliest examples of copywriting was produced by William Caxton in 1477.


Entitled, The Caxton Advertisement, the advert was printed on a small piece of paper and displayed on a door. It was designed to promote and market a manual for priests. Although quite how successful William was in achieving this specific objective, we may never know! 


Nowadays, in order to meet the needs of every channel of communication, copywriting has progressed into a far more sophisticated and advanced marketing tool.


Copywriting services often include creating content strategies and developing a brand through tone of voice or collaborating with other creative professionals to maintain a consistent brand message. 


I collaborate with you to pinpoint exactly what you want your copy to achieve.


From here, I tightly weave it together to compose the words that bring YOU results.


A qualified, experienced and award-winning copywriter, I write words that SELL.


For all shapes, sizes and variations of business and people. Businesses and people just like you. ​


We’ve all read content that waffles and tells its reader nothing. 


Can you honestly say that your copy and content raise your SEO rankings and makes your sales?


Your most vital sales tool, great copy reinforces your professionalism and combines irresistible selling psychology. 

Allow me to guide you AND give you all the copy confidence you need. 

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My office is based in London, UK.

I work online with clients around the world. 

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