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It’s becoming increasingly important to have a strong brand. For example, there are over 30 million small businesses on Facebook alone.

(You need) a recognisable name, and a logo that rises above the rest. 

Source: Crowdspring



Simple, significant, bold. Brand copywriting.


Brand and copywriting go together like ham and eggs. Your business brand, and let's be clear, whether you're a window cleaner with one bucket or a big blue chip - your brand is your business personality.


And if you haven't got a brand, or you're not clear, how do your prospects know who you are and what you stand for?


And if they don't know who you are and you don't know who you are - then we're in unbranded territory.


And that, Dear Reader, is a nomansland waste ground with tumbleweed.


So you've got a logo?


Let's talk about you. You're a person, with a name. Much the same as your business, it has a name. An identity. A logo.


You also have a personality. We all do. - Although, we all know someone whom we have to dig deep to find it. A personality is there.


Your business is the same. It has a personality. Except, to succeed, you need to show and tell the world with consistency, what that personality is. That's your brand.


If you don't demonstrate your brand through your brand copywriting, it all gets a bit blurred.

And no one wants to do business with blurred.


Take your tagline or slogan or strap-line, however you choose to call it. This phrase encapsulates your main promise, purpose and personality. Taglines  reflect your business image and should encompass what you offer to your prospects.


To make you more money, it needs to be memorable and deliver a positive association.


Copywriting your own tagline that incorporates all of these factors and shows off your unique personality, in just a few words is a difficult process.


Your product or service description is no different. Your brand copywriting needs to sell your offerings in a short, clear, emotive way and persuade your prospects to buy from you.


The brand names or labels that you give to your services or products also need to be instantly recognizable as your business. Your trusted brand.


Composing brand copy is a task that should not be lightly undertaken. Poor brand copywriting can literally make or break you. It is the ribbon that ties your business together.


You can stop sweating over a hot keyboard,wondering what brand copy works for you or trying to compose your own brand copywriting.

Take a look at the list of brand copy services that I provide:

  • Headline/Tagline/Strapline/Slogan Development and Copy

  • Creating Brand Names - Concept development for your product or service

  • Product and Service Descriptions - that sell

  • Labeling Descriptions - that persuade your prospect to buy


Whether you're a mobile hairdresser or a huge chain, you need clever brand copy and a skilled brand copywriter like me to help you.

Here's what my brand copywriting will do for you:


  • Make your prospects trust in you

  • Sell your offerings, making you more money.

  • Make you look good and enhance your unique personality

  • Make you happy. I tweak, adjust and revise all brand copywriting until you're happy

I am trained and experienced in writing brand copy, helping businesses just like yours to generate more clients, make more money and save time.


Are you ready for me to help you with your brand copywriting too?

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