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Tara is a great person to work with, a brilliant communicator and knowing that she's a qualified professional, gives that extra reassurance. We have no hesitation in recommending her services. 

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Why do you need a monthly copywriting retainer?

Whatever business you’re in, running a business, is a business in itself. It’s overwhelming.

Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or you have a huge empire - providing engaging content and copy, updates, emails, newsletters, website articles, social media, a given.


And that’s before you’ve even drank your morning coffee.

Your prospects and clients expect regular newsletters, website updates, social media connections, blogs and more.


No one wants to do business from outdated website content or sloppy copy.


Your prospects are quite demanding. That’s their job. But what’s your job?

If your time should be spent doing your day job, rather than writing content, then Composing Copy copywriting retainers are just the job.

What's more, if you’ve ever questioned what marketing your business needs or what you should do to sell more, the copywriting retainer will have the answers.  

5 Hour Retainer 

Save £25 a month and retain me for 5 hours per month, giving you time to do your day job


Total rate for 5 hours, per month. 

Minimum contract is just 3 months


Choose any copywriting service

Pay monthly


You dictate the timetable within standard UK office hours

Ideal for regular blogs, newsletters and email campaigns 

Suitable for any business

25 Hour Retainer


Save a massive £250 a month and retain me for 25 hours per month.

Free your time and make more money. 

Biggest Saving
10 Hour Retainer


Save £80 a month and retain me for 10 hours per month. Enjoy more time while I complete your copywriting. 

Total rate for 25 hours, per month. Minimum contract is just 3 months


Choose any copywriting service

Pay monthly


You dictate the timetable within standard UK office hours

Ideal for regular blogs, newsletters, social media, lead magnets, web copy and email campaigns 

Suitable for any business

Total rate for 10 hours, per month. Minimum contract is just 3 months


Choose any copywriting service

Pay monthly


You dictate the timetable within standard UK office hours

Ideal for regular blogs, social media, newsletters and email campaigns

Suitable for any business

What will a Composing Copy monthly copywriting retainer do for you?

  • Free your time

  • Make you more money

  • Take your business in the direction you want it to go

  • Give you a smart edge over your competition

What you can expect from a Composing Copy monthly retainer?

  • Improved cash flow: Working on a monthly retainer with me, helps your cash flow. I charge a discounted rate and you get to spread the cost.

  • More time: You no longer have to worry about writing your own content or copy, giving you more time to work on your day job.

  • Make more money: Using me to write your regular copy ensures that you will have the best content and copy, professionally written. Improve your Website SEO, get more traffic and make more sales.

  • Less pressure: You no longer have to worry about finding fresh new subjects to write about (that’s my job). You will no longer have the pressure of ensuring that prospects and clients receive their newsletters on time or whether your words are doing their job.



Not in the UK? No problem. I regularly work with clients from all over the world, including America and Australia.

If you're worried about any time difference, Talk to Me 

How a Composing Copy monthly copywriting retainer works

  1. Choose the number of hours that you want each month

  2. Buy your first month upfront and securely through my online store

  3. Follow instructions at the checkout and download your copy brief 

  4. We discuss the projects you need each month and your timescale for completion.

  5. I’ll get to work on your copy

What does a Composing Copy monthly copywriting retainer include?

  • Choose from any of my copywriting services. Choose one. Choose them all.

  • Brainstorming, feedback. Ideas. They’re included too.

  • Advice. You may also need some help deciding on the best copy marketing strategy for your business. 

  • Telephone consultations, where we discuss your projects, ideas, deadlines.

  • Up to 1 FREE revision of each project. This means you’ll be 100% happy with the results.

The monthly copywriting retainer operates on a 3-month minimum retainer period. This means you’ll get consistent copy, you can budget your cash flow and I will schedule your time in advance.  


You may need me to write your blogs, produce your client newsletters, update your web copy, maintain your social media…or all of those...and more.

What you need to know

Composing Copy retainer does not include:


  • Face-to-face meetings (unless previously agreed). 

  • Uploading your content or copy to your website (unless previously agreed)

  • Your postage, printing and your advertising costs etc.  

It's good to know that:

  • Terms and Conditions apply. You can read them here.

  • I set aside certain days within the calendar month for retainer clients, just like you.

  • Retainer's work on a first come first served basis - and I do sometimes sell out.

  • Your happiness is my livelihood - Up to 1 FREE revision on each of your writing projects

  • Your copy is delivered straight to your inbox in MS Word.

Without research or keywords, I compose around 500 words in one hour. This gives you an indication of the amount of copy your chosen hours will produce.


What's more, you can:

  • Roll unused hours into the following month

  • Enjoy extra hours as needed, in excess of the monthly retainer agreement

  • Get any extra hours at your special retainer rate 

  • Cancel at any time. 


I regularly keep you updated on the progress of your project and keep you informed on the status of your retainer hours.

Ready to be free from all that added pressure?

Ready to make more money, convert your prospects into sales and get more leads?

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