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Direct mail is an effective way to woo new customers.

39% of customers try a business for the first time because of direct mail advertising.

Source: DMN3



Direct mail Copywriting is a successful and necessary way to promote your offerings.


All businesses and service providers like yours, use covering letters to accompany their pitches, products, briefs, proposals and more.


Your covering letter is a reflection of you, will close your sale and improve your up-sales.


Whether you're a busy telemarketing organisation or a one- man start up, you will need a unique sales presenter to pitch your product or service to your prospects.

You've got one chance to convince.


A well-written enquiry response and follow-up mail, is the difference between making your sale and losing your prospects to the competition. First impressions count. Why risk your words failing you?


Getting results

Mail shots, as part of a direct mail campaign bring real results. A mail shot that is personalised, sells the benefit of your business, tell a great story, engages your reader and uses strategic call to actions, hook your prospect.


White papers are considered to be one of the most powerful tools for content marketing and lead generation.

Between an article and a company brochure, your white paper provides information on a particular product or service you offer. Typically highlighting problems and selling the solution with your products or services.


Your whitepaper is a more formal document referencing facts and sources to support the content.


It's not easy to write a white paper.

At least 6 pages long and usually available as a free download in return for leads. Written well, your white paper will last for years.

Here's how I can help you. Take a look at my direct mail copywriting services listed below:


  • Covering Letters

  • Mailshots

  • Sales Presenters

  • Complaints Handling

  • Thank You Letters

  • Enquiry Responses

  • Reports and Whitepapers


Is your direct mail giving you the response that you need?


I’m qualified, experienced and trained to write each of these to get results, for busy people just like you.


Working online with me is so easy. Sensible prices and cheaper than wasting your time and money on effort for words that do not pay their own way.  


When I write your direct mail, you'll see great results that WILL make you more money.


Direct mail copywriting is not easy to write well. Particularly if you're trying to keep on top of the day job. That's why you need an expert copywriter on your side.


Use me to write your words for you and I will:


  • Look at your current direct mail copywriting and make suggestions 

  • Compose timeless direct mail templates you can use again and again

  • Sell your benefits - which means you make more money

  • Tweak, adjust and revise all direct mail content and direct mail copywriting until you're happy



I’ve been writing direct mail for years, helping businesses just like yours to generate more clients, make more money and save time.

Are you ready for me to help you too?

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