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Automated email messages have 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher click-through rates than “business as usual” marketing messages.

Source:  EPSILON



Whatever business you’re in, you use electronic copywriting everyday.


Email is one electronic copywriting example. We all get hundreds of them. Our inboxes, outboxes, junk and sent boxes are overflowing.


Whether you email or send newsletters to prospective clients, current clients or follow-up past clients, you need to make sure your words are read.  


Under pressure?


Sloppy copy, poor subject lines, dull content and lack of direction, go straight to trash.


Newsletters that you regularly need to produce, design and send, sit like a weight on your shoulders. What fresh new content to include? How many words? What layout? Newsletters titled, “February's News”, don't entice your reader to read either.


Are you guilty?


And if the electronic copywriting that you send out is left unopened or sent to trash, what's the point?


How will you tell the world about your business, service or product if none of your content is being read or acted upon?


If you're like many busy businesses, the time and commitment it takes you to actually produce an email or a newsletter, makes you want to weep.


No escaping it, communication is king.


Great email copywriting and regular, fresh newsletter content is vital to your business survival.


Ezine articles are a great way to promote your business for free. Giving away a short eBook on your service or product is a brilliant way to generate new leads and demonstrate your expertise.


And that's all very well. But where do you start?


Start by not wasting your time on emails that are not being read, newsletters that are not selling you, worrying about half finished eBooks or unpublished Ezines.


Use your time to do what you're good at!


Take a look at this list of my electronic copywriting services:


  • Email Templates

  • Automated Email Campaigns

  • Email Pitches

  • Newsletters

  • Ezine articles

  • eBook writing and editing



If you're using any of these, are they bringing you the click through or lead results you want?


I’m qualified, experienced and trained to write each of these for busy people just like you.


Working online with me is so easy. Cheaper than wasting your time and money on effort on words that do not work hard.  


When I write your electronic copy, you'll see great results that WILL make you more money.



Choose me to write your words and I will:


  • Write words that sell and generate you new leads. Whatever your business

  • Research fresh content for you and use irresistible subject lines

  • Save your time, reduce your stress and make you more money

  • Tweak, adjust and revise all content and copywriting until you're happy



Each month, I help businesses just like yours with their electronic copywriting. Ready for me to help you too?

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