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58% of adults aged 18-34, and more than 7 in 10 adults aged 35+, read a newspaper.

Source: Mansi Media



Press copywriting is an essential, yet often overlooked way to get low cost exposure for your business.


The press isn't just interested in big businesses and celebrities


Digital and print press are always looking for content in the form of news stories.


Whether you're launching a new product or service or starting a new business, what better way to tell the world?


Local and national press seek news that is written in a journalistic style, copy ready and tells a great story.


A well-written press ad will go a long way to promoting your service or product. An interesting headline, clutter free advert and simple language will sell your business benefits to a wide audience.


Press releases are an effective way of highlighting your business name. They're successful because people love reading news. A press release generates more traffic to your website and makes you the trusted authority to do business with. However, editors are busy people and your press release needs to be copy written, ready for publish and submitted in the expected format.


Advertorials are another ingenious way to promote your business offerings.

Published as articles in newspapers and magazines, they read as an objective piece of journalism but in fact, are a clever piece of promotional writing for your business. A well-written advertorial will persuade the reader to sign up, purchase or donate to your cause.


Article writing is another strong marketing method to show yourself as the industry expert and the reliable business to buy from. A great article will flow, give you credibility and give value to your reader.  Your article can be published in digital press or print.  


Take a look at my press copywriting services, listed below.  I write all of these and in some cases, I even submit them to the appropriate newspapers and magazine publications and for you.


  • Press ads

  • Press Releases

  • Article writing

  • Advertorials



If you're using press releases, advertorials, articles and press ads, do you have the response that you want?


I’m qualified, experienced and trained to write each of these for busy people just like you.


Working online with me is so easy. Sensible prices and cheaper than wasting your time and money on effort on words that do not work hard.  


When I write your press copy, you'll see great results that WILL make you more money.


Choose me to write your press releases, advertorials, adverts and articles and I will:


  • Uncover newsworthy angles and report them in journalistic, professional style

  • Reiterate credibility to readers, making you the trusted person to do business with

  •  Sell your benefits, which means you will make more money

  • Tweak, adjust and revise all press content and press  copywriting until you're happy




I write many press releases, press ads, advertorials and articles, for businesses just like yours.


Are you ready for me to help you too?

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