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The Start-Up Pack

Never given your copy a much thought before? Or maybe you're about to launch a new business? 


Get the best start AND secure your success with a Composing Copy Start-Up pack. 


The Composing Copy Start-Up pack has all the copy you need to remodel your business or launch in style. Wave goodbye to your competition AND win over new prospects. 


Each item is written exclusively for you.


What's more, you benefit from huge savings when you buy a Start-Up pack.


The Start-Up pack is suitable for any business.


The Start-Up Pack


4 x Website Pages of your Choice

Choose up to 4 website pages that you need me to write. Popular choices are: Home, About, Contact, FAQ or Product pages. Up to approximately 500 words per website page.   

2 x Blog Pages

Get your website off to a great start with 2 blog pages. Keyword rich and ready to publish. Share on your social media too and make a great first impression. Up to approximately 700 words per blog page.

1 x Google Ad to Promote your Website

Written with keywords and including meta data, promote your website and get more visitors. You can easily apply this, with the instructions I include.


1 x Press Release

Your new business needs promotion. A press release will do just that. I compose, develop and create a brand-new press release in the format that the editor will love. I even submit it to all the relevant publications too. Up to approximately 200 words.


1-hour Telephone Copy Consultancy

At a time, that's convenient for you, take a call from me and we'll chat about your copy. We’ll look at how you can grow through your copy, what will work for you in the future and what won’t

This is a fabulous resource for you to base your long-term copy plan upon.


All research time, keywords and phrases for your SEO are also included.


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