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The Step-Up Pack

If you have an established business and you want to move up a gear, a Step-Up pack will fine-tune your copy, help you grow and win you more sales.


The Composing Copy Step-Up pack has all the copy you need to get more leads and become a bigger, more savvy business.


 Each item is written exclusively for you.


What's more, you benefit from huge savings when you buy a Step-Up pack.


The Step-Up pack is suitable for any business.



The Step-Up Pack


1 x Website Copy Critique

Expert and detailed written review of your current website copy and layout, with recommendations for improvement. Ideal for using as a foundation to build the rest of the Composing Copy Step-Up pack around.  


1 x Landing Page and Capture Form Copy 

Written copy for a landing page on your website. This page will capture your visitor's email address and give you delicious new leads. Up to approximately 800 words.  


6 x Emails for your Email Campaign

You've got your new leads from your landing page. Now what to do with them? Get your leads to buy from you, through your email campaign. Send 6 consecutive emails to your new and existing leads, you can even use an automated system to send them. All written and beautifully composed just for you. Up to approximately 500 words per email.

1 x Thank-You Letter with Up-Sell

Never underestimate the power of a 'thank you'. Your clients will feel appreciated and this letter that will never expire. A cleverly written thank-you letter that will make your clients want to buy from you again and again. Make a great impression. Up to approximately 500 words.


1 x Newsletter Template and Content

Print and post, use on your website or email your newsletter to your client database. A newsletter template that you can use over and over. The newsletter content will update your clients and remind them why you're their number one choice. Up to approximately 1000 words. 

1 x Google Ad to Promote your Website

Written with keywords and including meta data to promote your website and get more visitors. You can easily apply this, with the instructions I include.


1-hour Telephone Copy Consultancy

 At a time, that's convenient for you, take a call from me and we'll chat about your copy. We’ll look at how you can grow through your copy, what will work for you in the future and what won’t

This is a fabulous resource for you to base your long-term copy plan upon.


 All research time, keywords and phrases for your SEO are also included.


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