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Consultation achieves results quicker for the client than they doing it for themselves. Which creates value, saves money and allows the firm to stay ahead of the competition.Source, AuxesiaLimited





It’s one of the most creative and satisfying pastimes that you can feast on.


Express yourself to a wide audience and show off your professionalism with some wonderfully long and important sounding words.


Except, writing for your business, is none of those.



Why? Because your website, your blog and all your other written content and marketing copy, isn't about YOU. 



It is not about:

  • Reveling in your own creativity

  • Showing off a huge vocabulary

  • Reaching a wide audience


It is about:

  • Solving your prospects problems or pain points

  • Using clear, simple, jargon free vocabulary

  • Targeting your audience, the prospects who will buy from you


This is why so many websites and marketing materials fail. Shockingly.



And if your website and marketing materials fail, it will fail to to grab your prospects. And if it fails to grab your prospects, it will ultimately fail you.  


YOU either find that, writing for your website, your blog, your newsletters, your emails is - easy or difficult.


Once you've written your words, how do YOU know if they're any good? Do you just risk it and press ‘publish’, or do you ask an associate to read through it first?


Consider this, how professional are either of these approaches, on something as important as your business copy?


What is a telephone copy consultation?

It is smart.


At a time that suits you and over the telephone, we discuss and review any words, content or copy that you want a professional, second opinion on.


A telephone copy consultation gives you peace of mind that your copy and content will work, ideas how to improve, what words will work...and what words won’t.


A friendly, telephone copy consultation gives you the confidence to click 'publish'. More importantly, it will guarantee that you are using the right words to sell your offerings and that your copy reads well.  

If you have already written your own words or you would like to write them yourself, a telephone copy consultation is like having your own in-house copywriter. Without the price tag.  



Is a telephone copy consultation right for me?

Made for any size and type of business, charity or service provider. It is particularly popular with small businesses, start ups and sole traders. If you write your own words, this is 100% for you. We will solve your problem, answer your question, or help you to arrive at the right decision.


You may want to talk to me about:

  • Your seo, what it is and how you can improve it

  • Your website home, about, product pages etc

  • How your content can be improved, spelling and grammar, what words will work and what words won't

  • How to reach your target market and what tone of voice (how it sounds) you need to write in.

  • Your blog, newsletter, emails, social media. Planning, subject ideas, structure

  • Run through any copy or content with me before you publish or post it.


How does the telephone copy consultation work?

A telephone copy consultation gives you instant results and is so easy. I even pay for the call cost. No matter where in the world you are.


  • Visit the online booking page and choose a time and date that suits you

  • Book online and pay securely through PayPal, debit or credit card

  • I call you (on the number you provide at the checkout) at your allotted time

  • We spend the hour discussing your copy


What does a telephone copy consultation cost?

One hour telephone copy consultation is £45. If time runs over slightly, I do not watch the clock. Your copy confidence is my priority.

What does the telephone copy consultation include?

  • The cost of the call, no matter where you are in the world.

  • My prior research, so you don’t waste your time and I'm fully prepared for your call

  • Brainstorming, feedback. Ideas for your future content and copy. Ask me anything about your copy.

  • Advice. You may also need some help deciding on the best copy marketing strategy for your business.

  • A follow up email, where everything we discuss is noted down for your future reference.  


What you need to know

Composing Copy retainer does not include:


  • Face-to-face meetings (unless previously agreed).

  • Uploading your content or copy to your website (unless previously agreed)

  • Technical advice on creating pages, HTML, coding etc. Please remember, I am a copywriter, not a website developer!

It's good to know that:

  • For your reassurance, terms and conditions apply. You can read them here.

  • I set aside certain days and times within the calendar month for telephone copy consultations

  • Telephone copy consultations work on a first come first served basis - and I do sometimes sell out.

  • Your happiness is my livelihood - I guarantee that you will feel clearer, confident and in control of your copy



​At the checkout, you receive a ‘copy brief’ direct to your inbox. This outlines what you want to discuss and your contact details. Please fill in and return to me, at least one day before your copy consultation. This means that I am fully prepared, I can read through any current copy that you're concerned about and it doesn't waste any unnecessary time.



What's more, you can:

  • Cancel at any time.

Ready to get copy confident, make more money  and convert your prospects into sales?

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