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92% of trade show attendees say they are looking for new products. So trade shows are a great place to introduce or feature your newest products!  Source: CEIR



Transient copywriting - you're surrounded.


From huge billboards, to outdoor electronic displays or subway advertising what better way than transient copywriting to reach a wide audience and sell your offerings?


You might think that in the age we live in, all eyes are permanently glued to  mobile phones and electronic screens, denouncing the validity of transient or outdoor copy.


Whilst it's true that advertising mediums are continuously changing, transient copywriting is far from over. It's a powerful advertising medium that lives in premium outdoor space all around us.


Nothing brings more challenges for wordsmiths and copywriters as transient copywriting. We love words and when less becomes more, transient copy becomes a creative challenge all round.

Just don't make an exhibition of yourself.

If you're a regular at trade shows, you'll appreciate that your exhibition copy needs to grab attention, evoke curiosity,compete with your competition and sell your offerings. In short, clear copy.


Too many calls to action and lengthy wording will fail your transient advertising.Boring won't cut it either and if you're trying to be too clever, you'll frustrate the very footsore prospects that you're trying to attract.


Take a look at just some of the transient advertising platforms that I’m familiar with copywriting for:


  • Bus shelter panels

  • Information kiosk panels

  • News stands

  • Public telephones

  • Shopping centres

  • Vinyl wrapped cars

  • Writing Exhibition graphics

  • Billboards

  • Posters

  • Murals


Precise transient copy that is concise, is consequently highly effective.  

When I write transient copy for outdoor advertising for businesses like yours, I will:

  • Work alongside your printers, graphic designers, outside agencies and copy-editors. This ensures a flawless project

  • Get your message across in creative, crisp, concise language

  • Hold the attention of your audience and ensure that my transient copy is suitable for other media.

  • Tweak, adjust and revise all transient copy until you're happy


I am trained transient copywriter, helping businesses just like yours to generate more clients, make more money and look good.


Are you ready for me to help you with your transient copy too?

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