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More than half of all web browsers (59%) would avoid doing business with a company who made obvious spelling or grammar mistakes. Source, RealBusiness



Online content and website copywriting brings one of the hardest challenges, yet most important objectives in your business marketing.


Are you doing it yourself?


You're in the business. You know what you do and what you sell. Who better to write your own copy and tell the world than you?


And there, Dear Reader, exactly lies the problem.

You're so close to the subject, your copywriting is from your viewpoint.

As a result, you naturally assume too much and instinctively write too much about yourself.


We’ve all read online content that waffles and tells their reader nothing. Website copy that’s plagiarized, keyword stuffed or contains buzzwords, jargon and colloquialism.


Can you honestly say that your website content and online copywriting raises your SEO rankings and makes your sales?


Would you tolerate slacking from an employee?

Of course you wouldn't. So why host copy and content that isn't working hard for you and making you the money you deserve?



For all business shapes and sizes, here’s a list of my website and online copywriting services that make your life easier:


  • Wireframe/Written Site Plan

  • Website Content Copywriting

  • SEO and Keyword Rich Copy

  • Blog Content and Copy

  • Lead Magnets

  • Google Ads

  • Pop Ups + Landing Pages

  • CTA + Button Copy



Not using any of these?


If you are, are they bringing you the results you deserve?


I’m qualified and trained to write, advise and produce each of these for busy people just like you.


Working with me is so easy. Cheaper than wasting your money on words that don’t work and when I write your words, you'll see great results that will make you more money.


Choose me to write your words and I will:

  • Look at other sites you may like from a copywriting perspective

  • Include SEO, keywords and longtail copy as standard

  • Look at your website, blogs, lead magnets etc and advise you how to get better results

  • Tweak, adjust and revise your copywriting until you're happy


Are you ready for me to help you with your website copywriting too?

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