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Fast, reliable service that brings results. Our email campaign produced by Tara at Composing Copy was professional, effective and gave us a great return. Very impressed.  

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Why do you need a Composing Copy copywriting pack?

My guess is, that you're not a copywriter.


You can write, maybe reasonably well and you know your business better than anyone. But is that enough?


Can you write to sell? Are your words clear, organised, engaging, enticing and more importantly, do they make you money?


Is your time better spent on your day job?


Don't risk wasting your time over words that don't work or don't sell as much as they should.


Get discounted copywriting packs, custom-made for you. 

What will Composing Copy copywriting packs do for you?

  • Give you less work to do 

  • Make you more money

  • Lead your business to the direction you want it to go

  • Give you serious shine over your competition

What should you expect from Composing Copy copywriting packs?

  • Deliver: Get the copy that you need and when you need it. Get each item in order of priority.  

  • Price: Packs give you the best price on SO much copy. Copy that will also make you more money. Win-Win.

  • Research: Persuasive copy targeted at your market audience, that will make them buy from you.


How Composing Copy copywriting packs work

  1. Choose the pack that most suits you and the stage of your business

  2. Buy your pack upfront and securely through my online store

  3. Download your welcome pack with copy form

  4. Complete and submit the copy form to me

  5. Using the information on your copy form, I get to work on your copy

What do Composing Copy copywriting packs include?

Each pack includes different copy items that you need to develop or grow your business

  • Brainstorming. Feedback and ideas. They’re included too

  • Advice. You may also need some help deciding on the best copy marketing strategy for your business. 

  • Consultations. Where necessary and over the telephone, we discuss your projects and how to launch them.

  • Your happiness. Enjoy up to 1 FREE revision of each item, so you're 100% happy with the results.

  • Exclusivity. Each item is individually written just for you

What are the Composing Copy copywriting packs?

  1. Shake-Up

  2. Start-Up

  3. Step-Up

*Click on each one to learn more.


What you need to know

Composing Copy copywriting packs do not include:


  • Face-to-face meetings (unless previously agreed). 

  • Uploading your content or copy to your website

  • Your postage, printing, Google Ad pricing, sundries etc.

  • Sending out your emails or newsletters, unless otherwise agreed 

  • Image sourcing

It's good to know that:

  • Terms and Conditions apply. You can read them here.

  • Your first draft will be with you in 7 working days from date of purchase

  • I set aside certain days within the calendar month for completing your copywriting pack 

  • Packs work on a first come first served basis - and I do sometimes sell out.

  • Your copy is delivered to your inbox in MS Word.


What's more, you can:

  • Expect all packs to be completed within one month of purchase.

  • Add extra copy as needed, in excess of your copywriting package, just ask for a quote

  • Cancel at any time. 


Ready to make more sales and press 'publish' with confidence? 

Click on the 'buy now' button below to get your copywriting pack today.

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