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J. Stepney

CEO Bar Suppliers

Enjoyed a Copy Consultation with Tara at Composing Copy. For product description, SEO and copy ideas. The best thing is, I can just make an appointment with you whenever I need some advice and a second opinion. A fantastic, trusted and useful service. 



Why do you need help to write it yourself?

Writing is creative and enjoyable. But writing for your business is very different.

Great copy will engage your reader, instil trust, use emotion, tell a story and above all sell your offerings. 


Whether spoken or written, your words are the most vital sales tool that you have. Writing copy and content is an art-form, weaved with an irresistible psychology that sells. Copywriting provides a clarity to show off your professionalism. 

If you enjoy writing your own copy and content, but you're not sure how well it will be received, how clearly your words read or if there is anything you need to improve your copy, here's an affordable copywriting alternative for you.


Check out the options below. Created to guide you AND give you all the copy confidence you need. 

Why get help to write it yourself?


How many times have you clicked on a website and not been able to understand the jargon, been bored by what you're reading, skimmed through the content, or not been able to find what you want? 

And when that happens, what do you do? You click away and go elsewhere. 


Writing for your business serves an important purpose, with a clear objective: you're writing to sell yourself, your product or your service- through the eyes of your reader.


If you're not a copywriter, writing for yourself is a challenge, but with my guidance and pointers you can do it.


I will help you:

  • Get the confidence you need to write for yourself

  • Get direction and reassurance on what words work...and what words don't.

  • Improve your current copy

What you can expect from my guidance

Reassurance: Click ‘publish’ with confidence, knowing that your words will read well and do their job

Reliability: You can rely on my professional training to bring YOU the results that YOU want


Value for money: A cheap, yet quality option to improve your words and better your business


How to choose the 'write it yourself' option that you need?


The Composing Copy telephone copy consultation will:

  • Help you to start writing your copy or help you to improve your current copy. Whichever stage you're at. 

  • Ensure that your words read clearly and read well

  • Give you the confidence to get your words out there


My website copy critique will:

  • Make clear what is working and what is not working hard for you - finally, stop wasting your time

  • Help you improve, update and refresh your website layout and copy - turn your readers into buyers

  • Make sure your website message gets across and reads from a fresh perspective - get more website traffic


To learn more, click below on the 'write it yourself' option that most suits you.

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