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Don't let your first impression, be your last!


Your CV or resume not only sells your skills, education and experience but the standard of your written communication within your CV is very insightful to potential employers.


Finding the time to compose a well-written and engaging CV or resume is only half the battle.


Knowing what to include (or more importantly) what not to include, whilst weaving the perfect grammar and punctuation into a flowing syntax...can simply feel—overwhelming. 

I'm Tara, an award-winning writer, professional CV writer, qualified copywriter, proofreader and editor. My CV writing service offers different options according to your needs, is suited to any skill level and guarantees you'll be 100% satisfied.

My years of writing CVs and copywriting experience combine to create a winning CV formula that's adapted to your preferred job and personalised just for you.

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How hard does your current CV work? 

Upload your CV for a FREE review and professional critique...

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Get a new CV! Professionally

written from scratch to stand out from the crowd.


Instil confidence and enjoy a competent, polished edge...

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Everything you need to make the right impression!


Your new CV and covering letter will engage and impress...



Make sure your current CV is professional, sharp and easy to read.


Deliver your CV with confidence and peace of mind...

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"I got the job-I would put that I'll use you again but hopefully I wont need to..."

Relax! Make an even bigger impression with recruiters and enjoy this discounted service...

No matter what position you're applying for, if you’re serious about making the right first impression your... 

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My office is based in London, UK.

I work online with clients around the world. 

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